QA #5: How can I use storytelling for customer experience?

Story vs World-building and Relationship Building

To roughly introduce today’s theme and without making it a primer on narrative theories, let’s just start with the difference between a story and a world.

A story is character-based and plot-based. You tell someone’s story to resolution and it’s somewhat linear with a few bumps on the road.

A world is an environment with its own internal logics. You set the conditions for people to immerse themselves in it and experience their own journey. You may tell stories and characters inside that world.

Traditionally, when we think of storytelling in branding (whether it’s in copywriting or creating client journeys), we tend to follow a plot-based narrative. For example, you’re on a quest to bring XYZ and you articulate it in a way that includes your client as a character in this quest.

Illustration: the Star Wars way

For May 4th, a new SW series showed up on D+: it’s called “BIOMES” and it’s not a plot-based show.

We all remember that scene. #RIP



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